Who I work with

Who I work with

I work with women who are invested in making a positive change for themselves. Who want balance in their lives; to feel great, look good and be confident in their bodies, whilst enjoying life!​

Maybe you’ve lost your way with your fitness and nutrition, or you haven’t had time to dedicate to yourself.

Or maybe you are fed up with feeling sluggish and it’s time to get those energy levels back up.

Whatever it is, I can help you get your confidence back! Get in touch for a complimentary Discovery Call where we can discuss where you’re at currently, what you want to achieve and how I can help you do it!

The Building Body Confidence Ethos

Central to Building Body Confidence are key principles that help us live our best, most confident and happy lives.

I want to help you feel your best!


The principles of healthy living are quite simple, but they require consistency. And that’s why building small habits every day that you sustain over the long term is fundamental. This isn’t about an entire lifestyle overhaul, this is about making small tweaks, which over time add up to big wins!


Mind and body. Whether it’s your goals, self care or your dinner, I want you to focus on including quality and enjoyment to your life. To nourish ourselves is to keep our minds and bodies in their best condition by treating them well and giving them what they need to thrive.


Don’t come and work with me if you want to survive off 1200 calories a day and lose 7 pounds in a week, I’m not your girl! I advocate a varied lifestyle where nothing is off limits. But it is about learning to moderate, being mindful of our everyday choices and enjoying life to its fullest.


We celebrate all our wins, no matter how small! This is not about working within a pressured environment, it’s about acknowledging our progress and enjoying the process. No matter how small the steps, they are to be celebrated. Because those steps soon become giant leaps forward.


Our health and fitness is not solely focused on exercise, although it plays an important part. Many elements of our lifestyle affect how we feel and the results we are looking to achieve. From nutrition and hydration, to sleep and stress management, through to how we take time out for ourselves. Addressing all these aspects of your life is key to long term health success. I want every woman to show themselves a little more love!


You won’t change the world in a day and likewise, our bodies won’t transform overnight. It’s about slow and steady growth, small footsteps in the right direction. And not everything will always go according to plan. Progress is never linear; we face hurdles and sometimes we win, sometimes we don’t. But it’s about getting back up, dusting off and trying again. That is growth and it will help you succeed.

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