Fitness On Demand

I want all women to feel stronger, happier and healthier. And we can achieve all this from the comfort of our own living rooms!

Fitness On Demand offers unlimited, flexible and effective workouts at your fingertips.

I lead you through four online workouts every week, which are available from On Demand the same day, where there are lots more workouts ready and waiting for you!

You can follow dedicated 6-weekly programmes, become an unlimited monthly member or simply drop in for the odd class!

Check out the passes available and get your first week for just £5!​

This really is fitness that fits around you!

What's included in On Demand:

  • 4 live strength classes every week

  • 500+ On Demand workouts

  • Private Facebook Community

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Personalised training app

  • Nutrition guidance and tracking

  • Regular live chats

  • Monthly challenges

  • Guest speakers

  • And plenty more!

Lower Body Blast
(30 mins)

Weekly strength sessions dedicated to strengthening our lower body. With free weights, we work to improve the mobility and functionality of our lower body, making everyday movement easier, improving athletic ability and reducing the risk of injury.

Upper Body Blast
(30 mins)

It's time to focus on our upper body, which is important not only for posture but for making all the lifting, carrying and movement you do every day ten times easier! Not to mention improving muscle mass and bone density.

Full Body Metcon
(30 mins)

A blend of strength and conditioning in this class, we integrate the strength exercises we know and love with short bursts of cardio to get our heart rates up and sweat pumping! A great, feel-good class that leaves you feeling very accomplished.

Full Body Blast
(30 mins)

The best, most effective way to train is to ensure we target all major muscle groups, which is what Full Body Blast does! All classes are modified to suit everyone from beginners to more experienced trainers.


"Emma's classes are popping! She makes you work so, so hard, pushing you to do things you really wouldn't if she wasn't there giving you all the motivation and encouragement. Emma's sessions are always well planned, varied and full of surprises, and leave you feeling very accomplished."

Laura, Surrey

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