Building Body Confidence in Midlife

My clients and I all have one thing in common; we are all navigating the various stages of menopause. From early peri-menopausal changes to life beyond; everyone has a different story to tell. But our unanimous goal remains the same; to feel our best at every stage.

I dedicate my study and client work to menopause health and fitness because I want women to understand their body during midlife, learn what works for them and help them put it into action!

Midlife can be a confusing time. Subtle (and not so subtle) changes come out of nowhere, from our menstrual cycles to our moods, weight and energy levels. This is before we get to the hot flushes, poor sleep and brain fog. Our changing hormones can impact our bodies in ways we never imagined.


Alongside peaking careers, growing children who need us more and ageing parents who require attention too, it’s no wonder we lose sight of ourselves amongst it all.


But if I have learned one thing, it’s this. Menopause doesn’t have to be a negative experience and the sooner we prepare for it, the better.


Our bodies aren’t broken, despite how it may feel. They are changing but it won’t feel like this forever. In the meantime, we can tune into them and take agency in our own journey.

"It's a time of liberation. It's a time of shedding the shackles of inhibition and of giving a damn.
–Davina McCall

We want to feel energised, body confident and empowered and, with the right lifestyle tweaks, that is absolutely within our reach at any age.


Building Body Confidence helps women navigate their menopause journey through movement, the shifting of mindset, and focusing on the things that work for our bodies in the here and now.

Not what worked for us in our twenties!


Building Body Confidence will show you the way to better health, a stronger body and unparalleled confidence.

I will help you:

  • Find a form exercise you love to do (yes, really!), that works just as much for your mind as it does for your body.

  • Get stronger to move well, stay injury-free, build muscle and support bone health.

  • Understand the importance of nourishing our bodies with the food we enjoy whilst fuelling our bodies correctly.

  • Help you prioritise sleep, rest and recovery in a way that serves you and your body.

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